Review: I Married Who? (2012)

Warning: Adorable road ahead. (BTW-if you don't care for super-cute, don't watch this movie!)

Kellie Martin plays Jordan, a happily engaged real estate associate who goes out with two friends to a bar---her bachelorette party. When her non-alcoholic drink gets switched with her friends identical-looking, tall alcoholic version---humor ensues!

While Jordan's tall, handsome Lawyer fiancée, Peter (actor Bradley Snedeker) is busy working overtime, she is getting snookered. Though her friends gasp and ooh and ahh when they notice the handsome devil at the bar---Matt Swift---a famous actor (played by Ethan Erickson). Jordan is tipsy enough to return Swift's little flirtations, but her heart belongs to another. Cut scene.

The next morning, Jordan wakes up in Swift's apartment.  When Matt enters the room, Jordan's first question is, "Did we...sleep together?"

Matt assures her they did not...or did they?

This little gem of a film is like getting served your favorite ice cream (mine is Butter Pecan) on a cone in August. It's refreshing and speaks to character. Jordan is that really nice girl next door type and ironically Matt is an upright guy from a great family. And then there's Peter, a great guy, waiting to marry Jordan.

No spoilers here---it would be too easy and I'm not into that. Suffice to say that if you're in the mood to watch two very sweet people discover the sweetness in each other, then this flick is for you. Did I say 'who' Jordan is in love with?

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