Review: Orphan Horse (2018)

An emotionally charged family-friendly movie you won't soon forget.

Orphan Horse stars Jon Voight as Ben Crowley, a reclusive retired horse trainer with a tragic past. His life changes when Shelly, a 12-year-old girl fleeing abusive foster parents, seeks refuge in his stables. Despite initial resistance, Ben grows to care for Shelly as they bond over an orphaned horse. The film reveals Ben’s backstory and shows his gradual emotional healing. Voight and Alexa Nisenson, who plays Shelly, deliver stellar performances.

In a crazy coincidence two people who are struggling to deal with loss in their lives find one another and forward each other's healing. As far as viewer warnings go, there is off-screen violence and Christian elements like seeking forgiveness and punishing evil. It concludes with a positive resolution where the perpetrators of a crime are arrested, and relationships are restored. Though the ending is abrupt, the story is engaging, set against beautiful autumnal landscapes. ORPHAN HORSE emphasizes doing the right thing and leaves viewers with a feel-good message. I highly recommend this movie for all, but anyone reeling from the loss of a loved one will be more impacted. I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars; the one-star deduction is for the abrupt ending. 

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