Kathleen Brooks Bluegrass Series: An Audible Review by J.R. Bradley

If you’re looking for a lighthearted audible series to help you through your day or entertain you for months, I would recommend Kathleen Brooks’s Bluegrass Series, followed by her Shadow Landing Series of books.  My recommendation is to listen to these books in order, starting with “Dead Heat” in the Bluegrass series in 2012. When I first discovered Kathleen Brooks' books, I listened to a few books out of order. (Con'd)

The author chose to use the same narrator throughout both of these series. At first, it threw me off having attributed that voice to the hero or heroine of one particular book. After enjoying the lighthearted series with a few books out of order, I decided to go back and start at the beginning with “Dead Heat” and listen to what became a beautifully threaded story of a small Tennessee town where the same characters can be found within each romance and action filled book. 

These books run about six or seven hours each. Brooks style can be a bit formulaic in that her characters don’t deliberate and argue with themselves for months and months about whether they feel they’re in love. Love happens quickly through these series. If you can get past the lack of depth in characterization, you will realize that the true story is of the town, and we are granted a glimpse into the lives of almost everybody in that town. It’s a sweet, entertaining, humorous series that is as much about falling in love with the people as it is about falling in love with the town. Enjoy!