Review: I Can Only Imagine (2018)

Worth the time. Based on a true story, this movie will surprise you, move you, and cause you to remember the lyrics to Mercy Me's beautiful song.

Dennis Quaid plays Arthur, father to Bart, the protagonist of the story. Bart Millard, a 10-year-old residing in Texas with his mother and abusive father. One day when his mother drops him off at a Christian camp, Arthur crosses paths with Shannon. Upon his return, Bart's world is shattered as he discovers his mother has left--- abandoned he and his father, and movers are dismantling her presence. Confronting his father in a fit of anger, Bart's accusations are met with alcoholic denial.

Fast forward to his high school years, Bart finds solace in his relationship with Shannon. Despite playing football to appease his father, a career-ending injury leaves him with two broken ankles. Forced to pivot, Bart reluctantly enters the realm of music, the only elective with available slots, marking the beginning of an unexpected journey. Since I don't believe in spoilers, my review of this movie ends here. It's must-see. 

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