Review: Puppy Love 2012

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Dog lovers unite! Get your PJs and slippers on and settle in for darling romantic tension! Perfect 'soccer-mom hair' Megan, played by Candace Cameron Bure, is a single mom raising a preteen daughter. Megan has taken a professorship position at a local college, necessitating their move to this quaint little town. Daughter Caitlin (Katie Hawkins) is upset about the move as she is devoid of friends. She soon decides the answer to her loneliness is a dog.

When Megan surprises Anna with an opportunity for a dog, Anna chooses the enormous, wooliest creature at the shelter. Who knew it belonged to a famous baseball player, Ben (Victor Webster), who was out of town when his mangy dog took himself for a walk and got lost?

When Ben realizes where his dog, Jake, is, he tries to get him back. 

Megan, with her organized, proper, and logical demeanor, starkly contrasts Ben's light-heartedness, chronically late, and playful personality. This dynamic is further highlighted by their choice of vehicles-Megan drives a silver-gray practical car, while Ben opts for an electric blue convertible. At the start, the actors' mutual irritation with each other and the situation is palpable, creating a wonderful slow-burn romance. Puppy Love is a charming film about the reliability and importance of a dog. It's worth a watch!

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