Review: Henry Poole is Here (2008)

Looking for a heartwarming movie that will touch your soul, regardless of your beliefs? Check out Henry Poole Is Here. This film tells the story of Henry Poole, a man facing his mortality and some unexpected neighbors – including one who sees the face of Jesus in a wall stain. Luke Wilson plays Henry as a grumpy guy with a lot on his plate, but his interactions with his quirky neighbors, including a little girl named Millie and a determined Esperanza who believes in miracles, will warm your heart. The movie explores themes of belief, love, and resilience, and keeps you guessing until the end.

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Luke Wilson plays Henry Poole, who moves into this neighborhood and notices this weird water stain on the side of his house. His religious Hispanic neighbor claims, "That stain looks like Jesus!" But Poole thinks she's crazy. Then, everyone in the neighborhood starts thinking it's a miracle stain and will stop at nothing to check it out. Miracles abound when people touch it!

But Poole is the ultimate skeptic and refuses to buy any of it. Henry mopes around, is sad, and is a ticking time bomb of misery. Could this stain be the answer to all of his problems? When he finally loses it, he has an epiphany that it's actually Jesus (or his silhouette). Suddenly, all his drama disappears in a flash. 

This movie entertained, but the surprise came afterward upon reflection. Most movies I forget right after, but this one lingered in my mind. Honestly, this gem flew under the radar. Although Henry Poole is Here is rated PG, the themes make it better suited for adults. It's underrated and deserves more love. Give it a shot, you might be pleasantly surprised too!

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