"Milo and Jo" by Linda E. Charron

Review by Shannon

Milo and Jo" by Linda E. Charron is a charming book with good intentions packed into just one thousand words. Whether you're a cat lover or not, this little gem will surely delight. The story follows two male cats, Milo and Jojo, who reside in a dress shop where the owner has disappeared. When a mysterious device appears in place of their litter box, the cats are puzzled. While the story unfolds with intrigue, some aspects could benefit from clarification, such as the purpose of the device. Despite this, the humor woven throughout, like the cats' reactions to the device, adds a lighthearted touch that kids would enjoy. (Con'd below)

Professional editing could enhance the book's consistency, especially regarding details like the presence of sunshine described in one scene but not depicted. Another inconsistency arises when the owner returns; while the text suggests her happiness, the accompanying illustration portrays a different scenario, causing a disconnect for the reader.

Overall, Charron presents a colorful and easy-to-read tale that, with a bit of polish, could truly shine. Despite its flaws, "Milo and Jo" remains a sweet and enjoyable read.

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