Cyber War by Dorothy May Mercer

Review by Lauren

In "Cynthia and Dan: Cyber War" by Dorothy May Mercer's storytelling skill shines through unexpected twists and turns, keeping readers engaged throughout. Cynthia works as an office manager for Senator Mike McBride while also combating terrorists in her spare time. With her brother, Glenn, she assembles a diverse team for a covert white-hat hacking mission to dismantle extremist organizations. Alongside her secret mission, Cynthia manages a team of licensed-to-carry bodyguards, adding depth to her character. (Con'd)

An impromptu encounter with Sky sparks instant chemistry, leading to guilt and introspection. The unconventional dynamics between Cynthia and Sky, juxtaposed with her relationship with the transparent Dan, explore themes of identity and desire, enhancing character development. Mercer's narrative pacing is commendable, and her writing style, though unconventional with paragraph formatting, makes for an easy and enjoyable read.

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