Facts about Granted:

Setting: early 1990s in Washington, DC, California, Oklahoma, and New York.

Summary: Jerod has an accident that leaves him needing help---constantly. He has to have a live-in helper and he is miserable until he learns of a procedure that could give him back his life in more ways than one! Will he undertake this risky procedure? What will happen to the woman he employs? Will he get his job back? Will he find complete his mission to thank those who made his life great again? Will he find love along the way?

Pages: 238 

Main characters: Jerod and his brother, Drake. Jerod is back from serving in the military and Drake is a Dentist. Emma works at a tanning salon (in the beginning)

Secondary characters: Trish (Emma's friend)

Mr. Lyons (Emma's Granpa)

Meredith (Trish's housemate)

Faith (stalks Jerod)

Major Andrews (Meredith's dad)

Rose (Emma's mom and Grant's sister)

Grant (musician, brother to Rose, Uncle to Emma)

Clay (gold-digger, son of Raymond, stalks Emma)

Kristy (cruel woman, works for Jerod)

Brenda (kind woman works for Jerod)  

Tom (served in the military, friend of Jerod's)

Dr. Scott (Faith's dad, Surgeon)