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Mystery, comedy, romance, and roommate hilarity at its finest!

Former military paratrooper Todd is a charming drifter who relies on the hospitality of kind-hearted women to avoid paying rent. Convinced that all women are alike, Todd's world takes a surprising turn when an old high school friend reaches out to him on social media. Relocating to Texas to live with Kathy, Todd finds an unexpected friendship with a gay coworker named Shay. When Todd unexpectedly inherits a grand mansion, his first instinct is to sell it to solve his financial woes. But his plans hit a roadblock when a formidable secondary beneficiary stands in his way, forcing Todd to navigate a quirky cast of characters at the mansion while unraveling the mystery of the property's ownership. Join Todd, Shay, and the eccentric residents and guests of Barnsley for a delightful and humorous tale of unexpected fortunes and unlikely bonds.